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Life from Waist Level:

A Crip's-Eye View of the World

What a package--a queer crip in her mid-fifties with a passionate interest in performances (both sung and spoken). The self-proclained "mad gardener" of my inner-city neighborhood, I continue to amaze my landlord with how many masses of plantings can be positioned and sustained on a 10' x 10' back deck with limited afternoon sun. I'm a serious listener with a playful smile (when I can be convinced to release it) but slow to enter conversations. I've been a "mommy bunny" to houserabbits for over 20 years, although I'm currently living a pet-less existence because my landlord does not allow pets (and I hope to change that soon). NO partner at this time, but I'm at the point I'd like to change that (no urgent pressure though--I also like my independence and privacy). The dull-and-boring stats: IS non-professional (no degree in anything remotely connected to computers). Despite the disability, I've managed to support myself through grad school, and worked since I was 17. I've lived more than 40 as a spinal-cord-injured paraplegic.
all forms of performance, all things rabbit (lagomorphic), folk and acoustic music, folk music, glbt issues and rights, poetry slam, poetsasylum, reproductive rights, worcester